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Leveraging CTSI Assets to Build the Resident Research Website

A Collaboration with the Clinical and Translational Science Institute’s UCSF Profiles Team

By: Richard N. Barg J.D., MBA
August 2, 2014

Image - Leveraging CTSI Assets In Building The Resident Research Website


The Department of Surgery recently launched a new website for its Resident Research Program at:

The Department of Surgery's web development team, led by Richard Barg and Colin Fahrion, were tasked with building a website that would replace a printed spiral-bound Resident Resource book. Peter G. Stock, M.D., Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the Department of Surgery Research Committee, and Surgery Chief Resident Amar Nijagal M.D. provided the specifications for the site which included: 1) dedicated pages for five Department of Surgery research pathways, 2) an extensive list of funding resources, 3) guidance for writing grants, and 4) and compelling online biographies for faculty and residents.

In the past, publications were manually entered into biographies, most often when new faculty began their career at UCSF. Experience showed that this list quickly became dated due to time constraints and the challenges of updating new publications on multiple application platforms. Thus the first goal here was to harness technology that would automatically and seamlessly keep publications current. Secondarily, we wanted to enhance biographies so they would reflect scientific collaboration between faculty mentors and residents.

Benefits of Collaboration 

  1. Department of Surgery biographies are now fully synchronized with UCSF Profiles, which provides fresh updates of publications nightly. This is a key benefit of our collaboration with the UCSF Profiles team at CTSI
  2. Publications appearing on surgery websites can now be conveniently managed at the UCSF Profiles website including the creation of a separate list of featured publications or adding publications that are not listed on PubMed.
  3. Faculty biographies now list their mentored research residents (as far back as a decade) and have a separate section devoted to their joint publications. Author names are differentially highlighted: bold for faculty and green for residents. The marshaling of these joint publications, keyed on a UCSF Profiles ID/Username, provides strong evidence of collaboration, and will serve the Department well when applying for all-important NIH training grants.
  4. Resident biographies similarly highlight faculty mentors and joint publications. This not only showcases the work of the resident, but also provides residents entering their research years with a rich source of information about the collaborative experience of past residents and potential mentors.
  5. We also are leveraging UCSF Profiles "Awards and Honors" section, by adding a parallel section to Department of Surgery biographies, which will derive their content from UCSF Profiles.

Below are screenshots and links to biographies reflecting these new features:

Biography of Peter G. Stock, M.D., Ph.D.

Mentored Research Residents

Joint Publications With Residents


Bio of Senior Resident Jack Harbell, M.D.


In The News For Case Study


The Department of Surgery wishes to thank the following members of the CTSI/UCSF Profiles team for their efforts in helping to make the Department of Surgery Resident Research site a reality.

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