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Oren Shaked, M.D.

Oren Shaked, M.D.

Chief Resident (PGY-5) 
General Surgery

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  1. Oren Shaked, Jack Demetris, Josh Levitsky, Sandy Feng, Bao-Li Loza, Jeff Punch, Jorge Reyes, Goran Klintmalm, Whitney Jackson, Michele DesMarais, Peter Sayre, Abraham Shaked, K. Rajender Reddy. Impact of Donor and Recipient Clinical Characteristics and Hepatic Histology on Steatosis/Fibrosis Following Liver Transplantation. Transplantation. 2021 Feb 8; Publish Ahead of Print. View in PubMed
  2. Cortez JT, Montauti E, Shifrut E, Gatchalian J, Zhang Y, Shaked O, Xu Y, Roth TL, Simeonov DR, Zhang Y, Chen S, Li Z, Woo JM, Ho J, Vogel IA, Prator GY, Zhang B, Lee Y, Sun Z, Ifergan I, Van Gool F, Hargreaves DC, Bluestone JA, Marson A, Fang D. CRISPR screen in regulatory T cells reveals modulators of Foxp3. Nature. 2020 06; 582(7812):416-420. View in PubMed
  3. Chen CW, Dumon KR, Shaked O, Acker MA, Atluri P, Dempsey DT. Non-cardiac surgery in patients with continuous-flow left ventricular assist devices: a single institutional experience. J Investig Med. 2017 06; 65(5):912-918. View in PubMed
  4. Nelson JA, Shaked O, Fischer JP, Mirzabeigi MN, Jandali S, Kovach SJ, Low DW, Acker MA, Kanchwala SK. Complex wound management in ventricular assist device (VAD) patients: the role of aggressive debridement and vascularized soft tissue coverage. Ann Plast Surg. 2014 Dec; 73 Suppl 2:S165-70. View in PubMed
  5. O. Shaked, B. Chang, J. Tobias, A. Demetris, M. Suthanthiran, S. Feng, J. Punch, J. Reyes, J. Levitsky, G. Klintmalm, M. Zimmerman, M. DesMarais, H. Kopeskie, A. Priore, Y. Morrison, N. Bridges, P. Sayre, A. Shaked. Whole Blood mRNA to Detect Hepatic Inflammation and Fibrosis in Post-Liver Transplant Patients With HCV. Transplantation Journal. 2014 Jul 1; 98:905. View in PubMed
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