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Pre-Award Guidance for Research Proposals

All applications for extramural funding must be formally reviewed and approved by the Department Chair and then by an official in UCSF’s Office of Sponsored Research.  All research fellows and residents should contact Research Management Services (RMS) as early as possible when considering the submission of a research proposal; RMS provides expert administrative support to all researchers, from pre-award through the award process on all grant mechanisms.  Our RMS Pre-Award Team is Team G and the Research Services Coordinators (RSCs) are assigned to the different divisions and units within the Department of Surgery; a list of these assignments  and related contact information can be found by using the tool “Find My OSR Staff”.  You may also contact Deborah Good, Team Manager, for assistance. 

Some of the things your RSC will assist with on the proposal side include:

  • Advise on policies and RFP requirements
  • Timeline and Proposal Requirements email:review RFP and send the PI a list of all internally and externally required proposal items (information and/or documents), timeline of associated due dates, and any other important information gleaned from the RFP
  • Assist with building specific proposal documents (including the budget), gathering documents from key personnel or subcontractors in close collaboration with the PI.
  • Compile, format and review for accuracy all required proposal items (excluding scientific portions) and prepare for submission to sponsor.
  • Notify PI of any issues requiring attention as identified in the final review of the proposal.
  • Route proposal items for signature approval by Chair or Chair’s delegate and institutional signature authority.
  • Submit final proposals to sponsor on PI’s behalf.

Important Information Concerning Internal UCSF Processes and Deadlines 

Investigators should notify the RSC of the intent to submit a proposal:

  • At least 30 calendar days prior to sponsor submission deadline for standard solicitations, including fellowships.
  • At least 60 calendar days prior to sponsor submission deadline for large proposals, such as proposals with subcontracts or international components.
  • 4-6 months prior to sponsor submission deadline for complex proposals such as complex center grants, institutional training grants and cooperative agreements.

In order for the RSC to obtain necessary signatures prior to the sponsor deadline, PIs are asked to submit proposal components to the RSC within these timelines: 

  • 7-8 Business Days Before Sponsor Deadline: Department Review/Approval: Final Budget, Final Budget Justification and/or any Other Required Documents by Department
  • 5 Business Days Before Sponsor Deadline: Institutional Review: Final proposal excluding research plan
  • 2 Business Days Before Sponsor Deadline*Research Plan

*Notes: For proposals submitted electronically, sponsors recommend submitting at least 48 hours before deadline.  For proposals that require hard copies, the research plan must be submitted 3 business days before sponsor deadline.

Very Important: If your application requires a support letter from the Chair, please contact the Chair’s Office at least ten days prior to agency deadline. In most cases you will need to provide a draft of the letter to the Chair’s Office, who will put on letterhead and include with your grant packet for Dr. Sosa’s signature.

For additional information about preparing and submitting proposals, funding opportunities and a list of common funding agencies, please visit the UCSF Office of Sponsored Research website. 

For all pre-Award inquiries, please contact:

Deborah Good
Pre-Award Team G Manager
Tel: (415) 476-1447 

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