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Eva Gillis-Buck, MD

Eva Gillis-Buck, MD

  • Resident Research Fellow
  • General Surgery

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Eva Gillis-Buck is a general surgery resident at UCSF. Dr. Gillis-Buck has a BA with double major in Developmental Biology and Gender Studies from Harvard University, an MPhil in History and Philosophy of Science from Cambridge University, and received her MD from the University of California, San Francisco in 2020. Her research interests include maternal-fetal immunology, transplant immunology, and feminist science studies.
  Dept or School    
  End Date    
  • University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England
  • MPhil
  • History and Philosophy of Science
  • 06/2013
  • Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
  • BA
  • Developmental Biology; Gender Studies
  • 06/2012
  • University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
  • MD
  • 06/2020
  •   Award  
      Confired By    
  • Dean's Prize in Research
  • UCSF
  • 2020
  • Alpha Omega Alpha
  • 2020
  • Steinhart Award
  • UCSF
  • 2020
  • Best Abstract Presentation
  • UCSF J. Engelbert Dunphy Resident Research Symposium
  • 2019
  • Markowski-Leach Scholarship
  • 2016
  • Best Paper Prize
  • UCLA Thinking Gender Conference
  • 2015
  • Extraordinary Thesis Prize in Developmental Biology
  • Harvard University
  • 2012
  • Jane C. Grant Prize in Gender Studies
  • Harvard University
  • 2012
  • Lt. Charles Fiske III Scholarship
  • Harvard University
  • 2012
  • Thomas T. Hoopes Prize
  • Harvard University
  • 2012
    • feminist science studies
    • maternal-fetal immunology
    • history of medicine
    • transplant immunology
    • bioethics
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    2. Gillis-Buck E, Miller H, Sirota M, Sanders SJ, Ntranos V, Anderson MS, Gardner JM, MacKenzie TC. Extrathymic Aire-expressing cells support maternal-fetal tolerance. Sci Immunol. 2021 07 16; 6(61). View in PubMed
    3. Yang, H., Lindsey II, J. P., Gillis-Buck, E. M., Srirangapatanam, S., Rosen, J. E., Hussein, A. A., & Smith, J. F. . Ex vivo human testes as a practical model to simulate ultrasound-guided testicular cell transplantation for human fertility restoration. F&S Science. 2021; 2(2). View in PubMed
    4. Yang H, Lindsey JP, Gillis-Buck EM, Srirangapatanam S, Rosen JE, Hussein AA, Smith JF. Ex vivo human testes as a practical model to simulate ultrasound-guided testicular cell transplantation for human fertility restoration. F S Sci. 2021 05; 2(2):135-140. View in PubMed
    5. Upadhyayula PS, Rennert RC, Martin JR, Yue JK, Yang J, Gillis-Buck EM, Sidhu N, Cheung CK, Lee AT, Hoshide RR, Ciacci JD. Basal impulses: findings from the last twenty years on impulsivity and reward pathways using deep brain stimulation. J Neurosurg Sci. 2020 Dec; 64(6):544-551. View in PubMed
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