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Basic Biomedical & Translational Research

UCSF has a long tradition of training physician scientists who find solutions for clinical problems through experimental research in the laboratory. Discoveries made by UCSF physician scientists have shaped current clinical practice or promise to improve outcomes from some of the most devastating diseases. The Basic Biomedical & Translational Research Pathway is designed to contribute to this legacy by connecting surgical residents with the laboratory research environment at UCSF, which is world-renowned for both its impact and breadth. Residents pursuing this pathway will carry out a postdoctoral research project in the laboratory of a mentor of their choice––not restricted to the Department of Surgery––with the goal of laying the foundation for a career as an independent investigator. In addition to acquiring state-of-the-art research skills and becoming integrally familiar with a research field, residents will receive training in data analysis and presentation and writing of manuscripts and grants. Importantly, residents in the Basic Biomedical & Translational Research Pathway will receive scientific and career mentoring beyond their postdoctoral research years in support of their efforts to obtain a career development award.


Residents are invited to take the courses below. Additional courses covering specific research topics will be added soon.

  • Scientific Writing by Pamela Derish, M.A. (Spring and Fall)
  • Biostatistics 183 – Introduction to Statistical Analysis (Fall)
  • BMS 225A – Human Disease: Technologies & Biomedical Applications (Fall)
  • BMS 230 –  Advanced Topics in Cancer Research (Fall)
  • DSCB 257 – Developmental & Stem Cell Biology (Fall)
  • Microbiology 204 – Molecular and Cellular Immunology (Fall)

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Click here for information on postdoctoral fellowships and other grant opportunities.

DoS Research Laboratories

Residents are encouraged to contact the heads of the laboratories listed below to inquire about available research projects or to establish contact to laboratories with a related research focus outside of the Department of Surgery.

Alaoui Lab
Dr. Hassan Lemjabbar-Alaoui

Atherosclerosis Research Lab
Dr. Robert Raffai

Cardiothoracic Translational Research Laboratory
Dr. Michael Mann

Center for Bioengineering & Tissue Regeneration
Dr. Valerie Weaver

Chang Laboratory for Liver Tissue Engineering
Dr. Tammy Chang

Conte Lab
Dr. Michael Conte

Endocrine Neoplosia Research Lab
Dr. James Ko

Grenon Lab
Dr. Marlene Grenon

Infection, Injury & Immunity Lab
Dr. Hobart Harris

Ischemic Organ Injury Lab
Dr. Ryutaro Hirose and Dr. Claus Niemann

Kornblith Lab
Dr. Lucy Kornblith

Kratz Lab
Dr. Johannes Kratz

MacKenzie Lab
Dr. Tippi MacKenzie

Nijagal Lab
Dr. Amar Nijagal

Pediatric Device Consortium
Dr. Michael Harrison

Pediatric Surgery Lab

Pomerantz Lab
Dr. Jason Pomerantz

Sarwal Lab
Dr. Minnie Sarwal – Clinical Translational 

Surgical Oncology Research Lab
Dr. Robert Warren and Dr. David Donner

Tang Lab
Dr. Qizhi Tang

Thoracic Oncology Laboratory
Dr. David Jablons

Transplantation Research Lab
Dr. Qizhi Tang

Transplant and Stem Cell Immunobiology (TSI) Lab
Dr. Sonja Schrepfer and Dr. Tobias Deuse

Wang Lab
Dr. Rong Wang

Willenbring Lab
Dr. Holger Willenbring

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